Woman delivers baby in Taco Bell parking lot

The Taco Bell in West Mifflin has offered to host the first birthday party for a baby that was born in their parking lot in December.

Baby Maddi is now 1 month old.


Her mother, Kelsey Sturm, got in her car after she woke up with contractions in December but she did not make it to the hospital.

Sturm called 911 and gave birth at the Taco Bell in West Mifflin.

Maddi was born after just one push.

Sturm said the Taco Bell in West Mifflin brought them food, a gift card and cups and offered to host Maddi’s first birthday party.

Maddi also had a Taco Bell themed photo shoot. Maddi wore a onesie with “My Princess name is Taco Belle” written on it.

Sturm said this is something she will never forget, and she will make sure it is a story little Maddi hears for the rest of her life.

Photo courtesy of Mary Kizina Photography.


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