Kate Middleton has been given something by the Royal Family Princess Diana ‘never had’

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana share much in common. Both women married heirs to the British throne, and were subsequently trust into the international limelight. Both are considered to be style icons, and their weddings were scrutinised by millions. However, there is a considerable difference between the two, according to Diana’s former butler.

According to Paul Burrell, Kate has been given something by the Royal Family that Diana always wanted.

Speaking in Amazon Prime documentary The Diana Story he said: “Kate’s a very lucky woman because she has something which Diana never had.”

“With that strength behind her, she can go the distance. She can go all the way. She doesn’t need anything else.”

He added that Kate “the love and support of the Royal Family”.

What is more, Kate has a daughter, something Diana craved, according to Paul.

He said: “Diana always wanted a girl.”

Tragically Diana died age 36 on 31 August 1997.

She was injured in a car accident in Paris and later died at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

She had divorced Prince Charles just a year earlier, on 28 August 1996.

Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage was troubled by Diana’s feeling there there was “no equality” between then, an expert has reported. 

She wrote: “ “A member of Diana’s staff recalled that she used to complain ‘that there was no equality in the marriage and that the Prince of Wales never for one second considered her to be an equal which was an impossible situation for her’.”

Princess Diana and Meghan Markle have also been compared by royal insiders recently.

Princess Diana’s former butler said of Meghan: “She needs to stay close to Harry and get to know his Granny.”

He added: “Meghan has known nothing like this.

“Unlike Princess Diana who was reared in a house as big as Buckingham Palace on the Althrop estate, she was even lost.”

Tonight Channel 4 will air a documentary on the late Princess Diana, ‘Princess Diana’s “Wicked” Stepmother’.

The programme, on at 7pm tonight, will look at the relationship between Princess Diana and her mother-in-law Raine Spencer.

Diana and her siblings reportedly despised their father’s second wife.

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