Colts-Chiefs to Play at Arrowhead During Winter Storm Warning in Kansas City

With a high of 33 degrees and a winter storm warning in effect, Saturday’s playoff game in Kansas City will be a chilly one.

The top-seeded Chiefs are set to host the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday afternoon in the NFL Divisional Playoff round. While both teams are ready for the afternoon’s playoff game, the same can’t be said for the weather in Kansas City. 

With a high of 33 and a winter storm warning in effect for the northwestern Missouri region, the two teams will meet under chilly (and snowy) conditions.

Arrowhead Stadium was already covered in snow as of Saturday morning. Tractors were being used to push slush and melting snow off the tarp that’s currently covering the field. 

Approximately six inches of snow had accumulated in the region before noon, per local reports, but neither snow nor the cold—nor the slick driving conditions, for that matter—could stop Chiefs fans for showing up for the game.

Kickoff is set for 4:35 p.m. ET. 

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